Health Information Exchange

North Coast Health Information Network (NCHIN), is a new California non-profit and the successor organization to a community collaborative hosted by the Humboldt-Del Norte Independent Practice Association and Humboldt-Del Norte Foundation for Medical Care (the Foundation). NCHIN’s purpose is to provide health information exchange in Humboldt and Del Norte counties and it has a staff of dedicated and experienced Information Technology and management professionals drawn from the sponsoring organization.

The Foundation is a community leader, initiating the expansion of Information Technology projects in conjunction with local health care providers in community collaboratives. The Foundation has been the recipient of over 10 major grant awards for clinical and information technology projects, many with one or more of the partners listed on the left.

While EHR adoption in our community is greater than 50% for local clinicians, significant barriers to connecting individual practices, hospitals and healthcare service providers exist.This project lowers those barriers by helping to build a Health Information Organization with the capacity to provide lab results interfaces with data from local hospitals and ancillary providers.NCHIN will provide those connections between providers which safeguards patients’ privacy and confidentiality.

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